I created this website with the intention of promoting my novel - Forever the Colours.   The book is now published by Thames River Press and is available at most book retailers. It is the first of three in a series of historical fiction called The Colours.


The name itself derives from the British army's regimental and Queens colours.


Forever the Colours evolves through my main character Thomas (Tommy) Evans, a British soldier serving in present day Afghanistan.  After a strange meeting with an old Afghan Shaman, Tommy's life is turned upside down. Not knowing what is happening to him, he is transported to a place beyond his wildest dreams. Believing he is dead, or in a coma, he witnesses one of the worst defeats for the British army in the Victorian  era.


Tommy's journey into the past was designed to allow the reader to experience a battle through the eyes of a 21st century squaddie.  His journey takes him to places that most people haven't heard of, to battle grounds of old that have been forgotten or overlooked in British colonial history. He meets heroes who's names have been consigned to war memorials; who's bodies lay still in that barren and dusty landscape.


British soldiers are still giving their lives in Afghanistan today - Tommy will meet the soldiers of yesteryear who gave their lives for Queen, country, and the Colours.


To all the historians out there, Forever the Colours is my interpretation of a Victorian battle and so shouldn't be confused with non-fiction works.  If you would like to leave any comments about my novel - please get in touch. (Just as long as you tell me how great it is!)    :o)


Thank you


                                                   Richard Thomas








A well written book with a twist in the tail.  There's plenty of action and drama from start to finish.  This is one book that will make you want more.  Can't wait for the next one.

Ian Morgan


A well writen and well researched book.  Fast paced but good attention to detail too.  I hope it's a series because I can't wait for the next adventure.

Mike Stott


A cracking good yarn interwoven with actual events from history.  Highly recommended  and I look forward to reading more adventures with Tommy Evans.

Vaughn Thomas 


Richard has produced an accurate, fierce and fast paced war book with a list of twists.  I will definitely be publicising this book as it was one of the best reads of 2013 so far.

Jamie Fineran - author of Sabre Six-File 51. 


The charities above do a fantastic job of supporting our servicemen and women, so if you can spare just a little - click on the link to one or all because your help makes a real difference.

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